Website of Eugenides Foundation

Eugenides Foundation



  • The Eugenides Foundation and the Observatory Theme Park needed to co-exist in a single website
  • Inclusion and unification of content for 7 independently functioning departments
  • Different audience groups with different requirements
  • Different event types with varying recurrence
  • A balance between the historical characteristics of the Foundation and modern communication processes


  • Interviews with all departments
  • Studying the structure and operations of the Foundation in order to find
    common ground for the website
  • Designing a clean User Interface and a comprehensive and easy to understand structure and functionality
  • Developing a calendar functionality that presents the Foundation’s monthly schedule with multiple views
  • Establishing guidelines to ensure the balanced presence of all departments
  • Allowing content editors to synthesize their own pages according to their needs in a modular way via the Back office


  • Presentation of all departments in a unified environment
  • Easy content management by the Foundation itself without any need for external assistance
  • Visitor increase within a year: Users 10%, Sessions 20%, Bounce Rate -5%
  • Serving both users looking to schedule their next visit, as well as visitors physically inside the Foundation
  • Easy for visitors to understand the Foundation’s internal structure
  • Continuous support implementing several modifications as well as new features
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