Bodossaki Foundation



  • Redesign of a very important and very challenging project with outdated appearance
  • Our main intention was to communicate the rich content of the platform with a fresh and functional way
  • The content volume was so high that the website had serious performance issues
  • We had to find a way to deal with a great number of videos
  • Devise a new solution for providing the recorded speech alongside the keynote presentation


  • What BLOD needed the most was to raise brand awareness and build on the relationship with the audience. In order to address that we needed to create a new distinct visual identity.
  • We analyzed the BLOD audience and current website presence using good common practices and heuristics
  • We designed all the elements of the website
  • We proposed a new set of tools for the end user to resolve issues related to the content presentation and navigation
  • We illustrated the category structure for better navigation
  • We used tools for simultaneous presentation of the keynotes on top of the streaming platform of choice
  • New and more powerful search mechanism
  • New information architecture that helped to drastically improve the performance and speed of first draw


  • BLOD reintroduced itself to the audience as a modern platform that spreads scientific knowledge and promotes public debate upon
  • The new BLOD acquired a new design for all desktop and handheld devices with emphasis on ease of use and speed
  • The search mechanism as a key navigation tool and not just another website feature
  • BLOD audience reach grew within a year:
    • Increase in users: 48.31%
    • Increase in Pageviews: 46.00%
    • Reduced Bounce Rate: 11.69%
  • Our team continues to offer support and new feature updates along with BLOD staff
  • This project is part of a series of projects for which the Bodossaki Foundation has chosen us as a result of our good cooperation, trust and high appreciation for the quality of our work.
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